Lumbini Province Government
Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management
Directorate of Livestock and Fisheries Development
Poultry Development Farm
Khajura, Banke

The role of agriculture sector is important in Nepal's economy. Sustainable development of the agricultural sector is not possible without making the agricultural profession, which has been contributing more than one third of the country's GDP and employing more than 65 percent of the population for employment and livelihood, business, competitive and profitable.

Nepal's poultry industry, which started in 2017 B.C after King Mahendra inaugurated Nepal's first hatchery in Parwanipur with about 1,000 New Hampshire breeds imported from the UK, has been contributing about 4% to the total domestic production. It is started in the fiscal year 2034/35 as a part of Agricultural Research Center Khajura. To increase the production and productivity of local chickens in the fiscal year 2037/38 by improving the breed through the use of improved and pure breeds of New Hampshire and Black Australop breeds. The Khajura Banke Poultry Development Farm has been established under the Veterinary Services Department with the objective of providing advanced breed rural chickens to the farmers of mountainous and hilly districts of the central and Far Western region and providing necessary technical assistance to the general farmers in poultry business. Poultry Development Farm Khajura Banke is currently is under the Lumbini Province Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology and Land Management.