Lumbini Province Government
Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management
Directorate of Livestock and Fisheries Development
Poultry Development Farm
Khajura, Banke
Work description

Poultry Development Farm, Khajura Banke has been providing important services to the people of the region since its inception. It has been producing cross breed chicks and distributing them to the common farmers at affordable prices. To make the poultry business, which is the mainstay of the rural economy, more systematic, sustainable and profitable, to provide necessary technical and practical knowledge to the farmers regarding poultry farming with the objective of making significant contribution to food security and poverty alleviation by improving the livelihood of farmers. Conducting practical poultry training on site and farm, conducting rural poultry rearing program in the area where home stay is conducted for the promotion of rural tourism, conducting practical training on poultry rearing and hatchery operation to make the youths who have studied agriculture and veterinary self-employed. In addition to this, from this Fiscal Year, work has been started to establish endangered species of endangered species as a resource center by conserving the indigenous and endangered species. The only self-reliant poultry business that has succeeded in establishing a strong identity in the national production is the mainstay of the national and rural economy. In order to meet the growing demand of local breed chickens through sustainable management of commercial poultry farming, it is essential to improve the breed, proper management and production and productivity of indigenous breeds of local breeds with low investment.